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My full assessment

Set up and Planning

  • Created a business plan
  • Performed a competitive analysis
  • Assessed the value of the market
  • Interviewed potential customers
  • Created a prototype
  • Tried to sell to customers
  • Confident
  • Very Confident

Market Research

  • Confident
  • Very Confident
  • Very Confident
  • Very Confident
  • Confident


  • Very Confident
  • Very Confident
  • Confident
  • Very Confident


  • Confident
  • Very Confident
  • Confident


  • Confident
  • Confident
  • Confident
  • Confident
  • Confident
  • Very Confident
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Liz S. Entrepreneur Mentor

Location United States of America
Mentor Industry Business Consulting/Coaching
Venture Industry Computer Services/Information Technology
Languages spoken
  • English
Recent Activity

What I need help with

My background as an entrepreneur

My current challenges

Talented Software Developers

Want to connect to talk privately about options in my company.

Actions I’ve taken so far

I'm almost there and have achieved many of my initial goals.

My future goals

To forge to the top.

My motivations to work with a mentor

I want to learn things I didn't know before, and build my companies board. My venture is pre profit valuating at $13.5 Million.

About my venture

A Technology Company

My Personal Statement Tech Advice Is Always Welcome.

This would make me a great person to be mentored.

Countries of operation: United States of America

How I can help

My professional background

Business Consultant, Multi Million Dollar Executive Presentation Planner & Business Developer. You can also connect with me live on the website link I provided below. Presentations that get noticed and get call backs, can cost $10k and up for requests of $5 million or more. I will provide at, an in-depth proposal process that includes, free consultations and big discounts if you decide to take the next step. ALSO..... If your in need of location based organizational help like Regus anywhere in the world, tell me about your current set up. I might have the solution you need.

How to work with me

What I can offer

I am a wealth of knowledge when it comes to developing business strategy for your business ideas and plans.

Although Mentoring Services Are Free: Any professional services may cost but a steep discount can be provided for clients.

I also can provide valuable information about the technical side of most business management or business operations concerns.

I believe that constantly innovating and learning new things, helps those trying to make it in the business world stay in the positive loop of innovation and success. Visit My Web Link Below.

My expectations for a successful mentoring relationship

My expectations for a successful mentoring relationship is that my mente and I are on the same page. Based on the type of business development they would like to achieve.

How entrepreneurs can prepare before we start

The entrepreneur needs to have their thoughts down about their business as well as having a clear path to their goals. A lot easier to do then it sounds. The entrepreneur also needs to be ready work and be open to new ideas.