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rolicon company Entrepreneur Mentor

Location lagos, lagos, Nigeria
Mentor Industry Computer Services/Information Technology
Languages spoken
  • English
Recent Activity

How I can help

My professional background

I am an instructor, volunteer, Personal Development Speaker, and web/blog dev. specialist, Social Media/Sales & Author.

I am into computer repairs & Computer networking.

I help individuals become more Productive and turn their Talents into Profit through my highly sought-after Courses, books, and Training Programs.

Founder, Rolicon company, one skill Academy.



My name is Roland Ewien but I’m fondly called AUTHORITY. I studied business administration and am a degree holder in Bus. admin and computer science.


I am the Founder of, Rolicon Company: Aim at building a technological and educational system for businesses.

we run online & offline products, a service provider in the ICT field.

One skill Academy: An online platform that provides social media, web design, social media creation & management, writing, copywriting, and a solution provider on the internet.

(one skill academy is an online community of Thought driven people, Know-how business people, Socially liberal and Spiritual minded Specialists)

· I always like to help folks become more useful and turn their talents into business-oriented for Determined Impact through Personal Development Coaching Programs, Courses, and various books.

· helping businesses make more Profit and stand out in the online space through digital skills, Copywriting, Content creation, and web development �



I have been able to speak, teach, and turn the lives of many on different occasions, helping hundreds of People and sorts achieve Success, Importance & Inspiration.

I should be the first person you should call if you want your life to make meaning beyond borders.

I believe you are the salt of the earth and not just your pot of soup.

I believe you are the light of the World and not just in your room.


So with Understanding, Superiority, Worth and Spiritual Intellect (USWSI) I seek to see that all men come to the place of releasing their Capacities for Full Impact, Wealth Creation, Influence, and Dominion Importance.


I am your friend and brother.

I am your Coach

I am an instructor

I am your Salesperson.

I am your Media Strategist.

I am a web/blog designer

You don’t need to wait any longer. I don’t really ponder so. Let’s associate today. Let’s talk about your Accomplishment.

How to work with me

What I can offer

Sessions should focus on your primary concerns

Gain knowledge that is relevant to your circumstance

Learn about the industry

Become friends with them

My expectations for a successful mentoring relationship

Make it clear upfront if you're looking for a one-time commitment for a specific piece of advice or a long-term partnership. A busy mentor might be willing to assist you with a specific issue but wouldn't have time for a long-term connection otherwise.

At the outset of contact, be clear about the particular issue or need for which you are looking for guidance. This aids in determining whether a relationship between the mentor and mentee might develop.

As quickly as possible, assess whether the match will be excellent by looking at the mentor's accessibility, the worth of their input, and the ease of contact.

Mentors should help mentees realize what kinds of resources are available to them and be realistic about what they can do for them.

How entrepreneurs can prepare before we start

Be considerate of his or her time

First, establish a relationship

Conduct research

Don't pose general inquiries

Create a schedule and follow it up

Don't limit yourself to contacting famous people

For a particular challenge, find a mentor