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Production Method

Please what would be the production method for a crowdsource logistic startup or company. By this, I mean what will be their

  1. Inputs

  2. Transformational activities and

  3. Outputs

I would be glad if any one who understands the production method for logistic services can help me with this.

Best Regard Selassie

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2 answers

I think the way you have framed your question may not fit with the business model that you describe in your profile. Your profile indicates you plan to build and launch a mobile app. I do not think this can be broken down into the three main components described in your question. When you develop and build any type of software application, you typically break this down in terms of a life cycle consisting of numerous sequential steps. Here are two videos that explain this life cycle approach > |

It also sounds like you are trying to build an “aggregator” type site that brings large blocks of people together to complete small related task. Therefore, I would think you have two major inputs. You have people with skills who can complete the task and the second group are people who are seeking to use someone to complete the task. Your mobile app has to match the two groups together quickly so the end user with the task can find someone to complete the task. The “logistics” is embedded as part of the scheduling within the app and it is up to the two parties involved to execute on the actual physical logistics involved. This is not necessarily within the scope of your business model. The poor performers get weeded-out through customer review ratings which is part of the app.

Your business model is centered around the mobile app – not the logistics service. Here are two examples in the United States that illustrate how this works: | You should study these sites as a reference point. This will help you identify the key features and functions that must be developed for your mobile app. All of this must be documented for the app developer unless you plan to build the app yourself.

Additionally, if you do not have a serious catalog of reliable workers at the start and if the results do not load quickly online in Ghana when users request a helper, then users will have a “bad experience” and abandon the app. The abandonment rate for mobile apps is about 50% within 12 months. This is why it becomes important to know your technical environment and fully understand how the app must function, testing it out on a small scale and getting it right before you launch. This is all part of the development life cycle that you must go through.

I would also encourage you to start small and go through some type of MVP build out at first – Minimum Viable Product (MVP). You have to build a rough first version and get some people to test it out before building the final app. This often involves things like UX (User Experience) Design and UI (User Interface) Design. Once again, all of these activities represent critical milestones or toll gates that you must pass through across the development life cycle.

You should try and come up to speed on these concepts before approaching any investor or other source of funding. They want to see that you know how to execute when it comes to building and launching a mobile app. You need to form a team that can get this done. You must address a wide range of issues such as requirements analysis, story boarding your design, going through an MVP before building a working prototype, knowing what types of platforms to build (iOS vs. Android vs. Web), knowing what the Dashboard will look like for users, knowing how you will monetize each transaction, knowing how you can display local maps (Geolocation), knowing how to collect customer ratings for the taskers, etc. All of this must be mapped out in terms of a sequential life cycle. In my opinion, this is how you should frame your project if you expect to be successful. Good luck.

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Thanks Mr. Matt I'm very grateful

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