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Weird business, Weird problems, Feels alone.

During last year I learned many aspects of small rabbit farm. Now i have almost 100 rabbits and supply by meat my family and friends. All business data was processed by self developed software. Consulting with distributor of main rabbit breed Hyla help me to reach targeted performance (fertility, conversion etc). Also was purchased mid-sized cowshed (2000 m2) and big farmhouse with barn. Detailed economic model is tested and prepared according to regional business offer:rabbit farm offer fresh meat in the carcasses for cafe and restaurants processed on own slaughterhouseand my wrong request, which need fix:==========================================What I need help with...I've started to make sales, but I'm looking for concrete plan for business growthMy ideal mentoring experience...My ideal mentor would help me analyze situation and pick right direction for growthThe type of mentoring connection I am interested in:I would like ongoing support and guidance====================================================Thanx )

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