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How to sale Red dried chili globally

Hi How to sale Red chili globally,

I have lot of formers, they provide me for 10 tons in a month, But whom to sale, how how to send red chili to global customer, how to find the customer. Please help me on this.

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You can do that by getting your business on social media

Feel free to reach out to me as a mentor. To tell you how to get started

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Digital marketing will help you sell and promote your business globally, There are two options available to you to do this. The first is owning your own ecommerce website, such as a store built with Shopify or Wix. The second is using an online marketplace, such as Etsy or eBay. You should also put the following into consideration when making your business globally,

1,Select New Markets Carefully When picking a new international market, there are lots of factors to consider. Just because a market is potentially lucrative, doesn’t always make it the best choice. You’ll also want to consider factors such as:

Language spoken Consumer culture Import/export licenses Cost of shipping Political stability Taxes Once you’ve assessed the full range of factors, you’ll get a better idea of which markets will be the best to target first.

2,Apply Relevant Marketing Although this knowledge will certainly be helpful, different international markets require different approaches. In much of Europe and the USA, for example, most consumers will start their search for products by using a search engine such as Google. In China, by contrast, search engines are widely restricted, leading to consumers having to find brands via other methods.

3,Localize Your Store Personalizing your store will help you make it both appealing and practical for your prospective customers. For example, you may create a version of your store in another language, to help those visiting from your new target location easily find what they’re looking for.

4,Choose Payment Options Carefully Offering various payment methods will make it easier for international customers to buy from your store. If you exclusively offer one or two payment methods, there’s a strong likelihood that some customers will find it difficult to make a purchase.

For example, you may choose to accept multiple credit cards such as American Express, Mastercard, and Visa, as well as payments through companies like PayPal. However, you’ll also want to remain conscious of the fees that each of these payment methods charge, to ensure that your business remains as profitable as possible.

5, Understand Tax Rules and Regulations Every country has a different set of tax rules – most of which are likely to impact you when you sell internationally. Exactly what you need to pay will depend on various factors: including the location you’re selling from, the location you’re selling to, and the types of products you’re trading in.

Before picking a target location for international sales, ensure that you make yourself aware of the tax implication, and build them into your prices where required.

6,Pick a Fulfilment Center When you commit to selling internationally, using fulfilment centers can be a simple way to reduce stress and costs – while also speeding up the delivery of customer orders. These centers work in a simple way, holding your stock in (or near) your target location. Then, when you receive an order, the fulfilment center will pack the item and send it to the customer on your behalf.

7,Shipping & Returns Policy Shipping and returns can be a little more tricky and costly when selling internationally. Often, fulfilment companies will offer you an option for returns, which can make things easier.

If your international sales require customers to take special measures for returns, this should be made clear within your returns policy – which should, in turn, be clearly available on your website. You should also take the time to update your shipping policy, in order to outline associated costs and timeframes for international shipping.

8,Facilitate Local Customer Service There are two main reasons why you should consider investing in local customer service.

The first relates to the practicalities surrounding time – that is, ensuring that someone is available to help your customers when they need it. The second reason is to ensure that your customers feel like their questions and concerns are important, and are being dealt with by someone who they can relate to and communicate with easily.

Hope this will help

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