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Hi All, Can someone help me understand the scope of setting up and online mp3 download store from a Technology, Cost and from a day to day running prospective. Very much appreciate your input here.


A legal, online, mp3 music store targeting unsigned Irish Bands and Artists to sell their Music online.


Unsigned artists will sign up for a small monthly Fee (around 4.99) and will receive multiple benefits and resources to promote and grow their Music, including


Online Band/Artist management/admin software   Marketing tools   how to Guides, Discounts on Studio time, Discounts on Promotional Material, Discounts on Web design. Directory of Live Venues across the country Etc…


All the above are conceptual and not developed yet.


Essential I want to create a promoter and resource centre for unsigned artists to help them grow and maybe get signed by a major Label.

Were the gap between Band start-up and Signed Label bands.



Key Artist Features


1. All sales contribute towards the Irish Music Charts.(this is confirmed)


2. All Revenue from Sales to go directly to the Artist which will enable them to competitively price their music and grow the market to promote liquidity. Prices will range from, Singles costing 29-39cent* and   Albums costing 2 - 2.99*. With artists receiving 100% of sales, Theses prices will still be profitable in comparison to other vendors and promote a competitive marketplace  

* Awaiting verification on min prices to be allowed to compete in the Charts


3. We will aim to be a Promotional and Resourcing Hub for Artists to grow and bridge the gap between new artist and signed artist


4. We will actively Partner with as many beneficial businesses throughout the country to service the artist needs at every stage of their growth with member only discounts and services.


6. We will aim to get as many artists into the Top 30 as possible by educating artist on Chart Statistics, Best time to enter and to help create a campaign to successfully enter the charts.


7. Artists will update all their Gig listings into their online band management software which will be filtered to a Gig Guide on the website. This info will also be distributed through Social Networking sites, newsletters and directly to their Fan base (Fans who assign them to there Favourites List)


9. Two key promotional tools will be used initially



“Pay by Tweet” We will setup Viral campaigns where artist can use one of their singles to promote the band. To download the single fans would have to post a pre written message and URL to the Twitter or Facebook page. All their friends need to do the same in order to download the free single and so on. Creating an extensive viral campaign. will be feature in these campaigns with links to the site to buy Artists Music (this technology is free to obtain) “Pay by Text” Each Song the artist uploads will create a Unique Id which can be test to a us where a charge will be applied and the song can be downloaded to the Fans phone, iPhone immediately. E.G Text “music 34543 to 58888” for out new single. They can use this everywhere to promote there music on the go. On posters at there gigs, on their Social Networking sites, On their own sites etc… and all sale to count towards the Irish Music Charts


Customer Features


Customer will need be able to create an account quickly by logging in through Facebook. Fans will add money to the account using multiple payment methods, Laser, Paypay, Credit Card, Phone Bill etc…(Adding money to an account reduces per transaction and merchant account fees ensure the music is cheaper and enable us to give 100% sales to member artists.) Incentive to sign up will be given, like, 5euro worth of music free once you sign up etc. (Artist will need to agree to this promotion and to allow some music taster to be downloaded for free to help grow the market) Fans can easily browse and listen to all music before they buy anything encouraging longer and more fulfilling experience for fans. All downloads will be compatible all music devices and can sync to their iTunes Library or Window media Player though our free Download Manager software. Fans can comment on the music and create Favourites. They will then get updates on their favourites bands gigs, new music etc…


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I can answer the technology part.

To develop a site that you can use to sell stuff is not so complicated. There are many services in market (such as that can help you create your own website...

(for a little money ofcourse)

If you can develop you own then you can use google application engine to host it where you get a lot of free usage (have been using it for two applications and because of low usage i am not paying yet) .

i think 1 GB data transfer per day is free, more than that they ask little money per GB.

Domain names are cheap (10$)...

You can use payment procesisng from google checkout or paypal initially to make thinsg sompler..

but they charge : about $0.30 + 2.9 cents


Paypal also charges the same:-


Let me know if you have any more specific questions.



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