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What marketing strategy would you recommend a start up to use?

Ineffable Motives Incorporated is a start up staffing agency. Currently marketing efforts are being arranged to find client's.

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4 answers

Value-Based Marketing.

It occurs when you become uniquely aware of what motivates specific personnel internal to a customer company, a buyer or a prospective teaming partner to make favorable decisions regarding your product or services.


Value-based marketing does not relate to client perception of your product or service value; rather, it relates to your understanding of the client and using that knowledge to motivate that client to buy. It includes answering the following 5 strategic questions:

  1. Who is your client? (personal traits and proclivities)

  2. Where is your client located in the organization and what role and authority does he or she hold?

  3. What are the driving factors that will motivate the client to make a buying decision in your favor?

  4. How to best lead the individual client to the conclusion you wish them to make in buying your product or service?

  5. Why is your product or service the best to further the client's personal value system and motives?


Combine the details of your product or service with some transition suggestions regarding how a client can make the leap from where they are now to where you can take them without totally disrupting how they operate at time now.

Understand that to sell the services and the product you are offering you must provide a bridge for those who do not have your vision of the end game.

It is a simple fact of life that your sales techniques must provide practical suggestions in getting your client off a blank sheet of paper as to how your concept could be brought internally to their organization. That can only occur if you are sharp enough and aware enough of their existing processes and systems, status, plans, budgets and funding to offer them a path to follow. This type of market research is a tough order but you will not sell effectively without it.

Sometimes clients will not disclose personal values and organization value systems until you are engaged with them and at that time you must be sympathetic to transition issues, think on your feet and evolve a way to get to your sales objective; not just insist that they change dramatically to accommodate your concept.

Ask the client questions about what you know or have found their needs to be. Then take them to where your presentation has solutions for them; engage them on a solutions frequency and make your concept of the future theirs. A key will be your ability to make the client want to own your product or service in their environment and your assistance to make them as individuals look good for acquiring what you sell to increase their visibility and productivity in the organization.

Consider the values of the client your are engaging and threaten or further his or her value system. To do so, find out what they value first. It may not be what you value - or what you believe they should value; but you are stuck with those values and the value system backing them up. In many cases they are political, self-serving and disappointing but you cannot ignore them. You must manage them. You must threaten or further those value systems to get your customer to act. Furthering client values is a positive view of the future, enhancing what the client already has. Threatening client values is making the client feel he or she cannot undertake the future effectively without buying from you.

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Since a staffing agency main function is to serve as an intermediate for the organizations to find qualified employees, there is a need to have a better understanding what are their requirements. There are two ways to advertise your staffing agency to attract prospects: directly and indirectly. Since small business have financial constraints on the ways that they can advertise, social media is a powerful tool that is cheap and effective. Maximize the potential of Facebook to advertise your product including the benefits that organization will receive as part of your resolution. If in your business plan you are targeting certain type of organizations, a direct marketing approach would be more effective. Research those organizations that can be potential clients and send them a personalized request by the most common way an e-mail or through applications like LinkedIn. If there are any universities in close proximity, take advantage of career expos offered by the universities which can help identify potential clients. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool so there is a need to make a good impression by providing them excellent service.

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Staffing is intensely competitive and for a startup, you have to develop an approach that makes a real difference to the customer. For that you have to start with a better understanding of your customer than the competition - ask who is your customer - is it HR or is it the hiring manager and can you get some face time with them - find out the entire process they go through to fill a vacancy and look for ways to reduce the time it takes to hire. As you immerse yourself in the process you begin to see patterns that you could impact, for instance can you reduce the time it takes to do a background check and to bring in a new employee - perhaps you could pre-interview candidates with specific questions sourced from the hiring manager so you only bring in truly qualified candidates. How do you save the hiring manager's time, so they only spend time with truly qualified candidates? Get creative - if candidates are not available for employment, can you bring in independent contractors who can work off-site? Those are the kind of things that get noticed and set a young company apart from established service providers. If this makes sense then we could talk further about pricing, offering additional services and so on. Good luck!

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