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I am an entrepreneur needing help finding clients. I am also a mentor, however, I need to help myself first before I can offer time to others. I keep filling out the form and my data disappears. Is there a way to save the dat

Why doesn't my entrepreneur file get saved? Am I missing something as I have done it 3 times and I have to start over each time. Do you have to do it all at once, which would be unusual. Please help.

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Hi Dr. Joyce. There is probably a character limit in the question section. Ok you're looking for clients but you haven't specified your industry, type of business, type of customers which leaves a lot of question marks. Is it b2b or b2c? Without the lack of detailed information I'll answer as best as I can to make the most of the post: 1- The first rule for client attraction is to create a clear competitive advantage in the form of a USP, EVP, clear guarantee and ensuring your fill a gap in the market. Be different, unique and the best you can be in that industry, field, profession, niche. 2- The second rule is that you learn to articulate the above using what's known as an elevator pitch. Here is a good example on how to formulate one: 3- The third rule is that you now roll out this foundational marketing stone into all your marketing material, websites, brochures, busines cards, messages, letters, email signatures, etc. 4- The fourth step would be attracting more clients by putting this message in front of the right prospects, your target market. For that you need to clearly define your target market demographics/phychographics.

I have my own framework which consists in 9 steps in total. The above are just some key pointers to get you in the right direction. Attracting clients without the above steps is very hard work.

In the meantime (whilst you formulate this) you can pick up the phone and ring prospects to invite them to do business with you. It works really well and is a most underused resource. You can buy a list for your target market with details of decision makers, emails and telephone numbers. This will give you valuable market insight that you can use to tweak your proposition and marketing message.

Best of success. =)

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