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Are other mentors interested in working with a process improvement "sub-mentor", i.e. to combine your business process knowledge and expertise with my process improvement methods, for the benefit of the entrepreneur?


My business focus is on delivering online workshops that support process understanding and improvement. These workshops can be used for many things, including business analysis, problem solving, planning, team building and organizational transitions. The workshops are based on a method that has been used in over 100 meetings including with HP, Chevron, Intel, Target and ConAgra, for a wide range of business and organizational process situations (more on this at my website,

The ActionMap method is now embedded in a software application that allows the workshops to be conducted online. This simplifies logistics, broadens the scope of use and produce results in less time. Typically a single 90-minute workshop will produce much valuable understanding and many actionable insights, with supporting documented work products. Three such workshops can produce detailed understanding and documentation of the activities, interests, ideas and plans of an entire small business.

At the same time, I do not have a particular business content expertise, e.g. finance, manufacturing, logistics, etc. I am fully a process generalist.

I believe my services can be of significant benefit to entrepreneurs when combined with mentors who DO have content expertise.

That is, my workshops can quickly capture a detailed view of the entrepreneur's business, interests and plans. This information can be used by the entrepreneur and the "content" mentor to accelerate the achievement of the entrepreneur's goals. I also offer access to free training in the use of the method, without needing the software.

If you are interested in engaging me as a "sub-mentor", please reach out to me here or via my website contact form at

Thanks! Jim

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Hi, I do process improvement at my firm all the time!

please feel free to contact me and we can have a chat.


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