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Need good partners to work with the African youths on an initiative to develop African countries through our registered Ngo. We are bringing Africans in diaspora together to bring the ideas back home to develop Africa.

Innovative youth for Africa is a forum that bring all Africans in diaspora together to discuss the way forward in Africa . We as a group today will take our Africa out of the dominant powers to the promise land where we see Africa fending for itself in all aspect of our economy. We are the force that will create our own ICT softwares, our clothes, communicate made in Africa for Africa, develop ideas for clean water , Agriculture by linking the rural farmers with the export market and more.

We are embanking on our first project in Agriculture and development in communities . The idea is to go into communities involve locals by helping to cultivating ,provide seeds, harvest and get off takers for community by linking them directly to the market and doing away with the middle man. The profits will be used to develop this communities and creating business opportunities for youth through the value chain. The idea is to make communities understand that agriculture can develop their communities .

We need partners that will provide machineries and what is needed to proceed.

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