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I need IT support and getting asssistance with projects on the web, but i am looking for international help as it will reduce the cost to my business.


Hi Luke,

I'm a big fan of services like elance.com and odesk.com.

Publié le 08/04/15
April 8, 2015

I second Lucas. Elance.com / Odesk.com and Freelancer.com

Publié le 02/06/15
June 2, 2015
Are these better than say bespoke companies? - i feel like the only thing that will ever really show up on these sites are the people that are good at marketing and working around their market rather than new traders or some of the more cost effective traders too. Publié le 15/04/17
April 15, 2017
Hi Luke, I am based in India and provide offshore outsourcing services. Let me know what services you are looking for ? Kind regards Aarti Publié le 02/01/19
January 2, 2019
Hi Luke, I've been using outsourced services for close to 15 years. Where you look geographically is going to depend largely on the task and industry, but Upwork (Elance, Odesk) are a great starting point. Focus on those with a proven track record. In my experience I've found good English candidates from both India and Philippines and strong technical skills from Ukraine. With globalization outsourcing rates have come up a bit but IMO is still cost effective. You may also consider outsourcing locally with an independent contractor or in the US as there can be less of a cultural barrier making for better communications. Publié le 02/01/19
January 2, 2019
Thank you everyone for your answers. I will look into each of these suggestions and see what comes up! Publié le 13/08/19
August 13, 2019