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I create kits for sufferers of PTSD, Bipolar, and Depression. I want to make a bit of money but what I really want is to get my kit in the hands of every sufferer. Crowdfunding I planned on with my Sole. Prop. but what about Non-Profit status? Would that be best so I can apply for grants etc?

Hello Kellee, apply for an LLC or Corporation on your states government business website. Either one cost about $130. You are a for-profit company, unless you give away every single kit and file $0 income on your tax return Publié le 07/08/16
August 7, 2016
Ok so because I do plan on making income...regardless of how small...I would be a for profit. Makes sense! I can also be an LLC even tho the company is just me...might look into that more.. Thank you Nemer! Kellee Publié le 08/08/16
August 8, 2016
While there are significant federal and state tax benefits available to nonprofits and the opportunity to receive grants from the federal government and private foundations, you may prefer a sole proprietorship or LLC for simplicity. A non-profit does not preclude you from deriving an income from your entrepreneurial endeavors, however, a nonprofit can expect a formidable amount of paperwork to verify its charitable purpose as defined by the IRS. There’s more paperwork to keep track of funds and donations to ensure that no earnings are distributed to any private shareholder or individual. Additionally, most States require a nonprofit organization to have a board of directors and maintain minutes of regular meetings (much like a corporation). Best of luck. Publié le 16/08/16
August 16, 2016
Forming a non-profit at this point will require a registration for a new enterprise, with a board of directors, a charter and an IRS application approval for tax free status such as a 501 3(c). My average non-profit client spends 6 months achieving these matters. You should also know that you do not own a non-profit. Your community owns it and as the founder you will be working at the behest of the board of directors. There are industry teaming and direct contracting opportunities available to you in your current status as a business. This is particularly true withing the VA and withing many of the armed services hospitals. The following article contains additional information you may be able to use and compares the two entities you are considering. http://www.smalltofeds.com/2010/01/small-business-government-grants-versus.html Publié le 17/08/16
August 17, 2016
also check our handbook for useful info and tools http://mystartuphandbook.com/portada.php Publié le 07/09/16
September 7, 2016
I registered as LLC, Sole MBR. Thank you EVERYONE for your advice...it helped me greatly! Kellee Publié le 12/11/16
November 12, 2016