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Hi, I have a start up company which is into Corporate solutions (mainly into hospitality, Facilities, Administration,Operations). Need mentor/advice as to how the business can be improved, get investors & branded in India & Abroad. Any expert stationed at Bangalore (India) can advise & hold hands to take it forward aptly. Thanks, Shrithar

Hi Srithar, I understand from your question that you are looking at third party consultancy in facilities management et al. The key factor for all the solutions you have mentioned is professional, committed personnel. There are many players in the market offering services like what you have envisaged. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have an unique USP. Concentrate on small key clientele and, believe you me, word would spread fast if your services are on par or above the requirements. Branding should be eye catchy, simple and easy to recollect. Brand visibility should be across platforms. Investors, today, look at track records of companies they would like to invest in. More that a numbers games, they look at sustainability and commitment. All the best Ashwin Publié le 22/04/18
April 22, 2018
Hi Aswin, thanks, I wish to discuss further on following:- Business plan Budgeting Book keeping Marketing Sales Generating leads. Social media marketing Branding Brand Identity Global market You may reach me on 9880309556. Thanks & Regards, Lion KMD. Shrithar Publié le 13/09/18
September 13, 2018