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Want to start a corn & hot dog +( any related profitable items) cart business. how?

1. make sure your budget 2. think about a nice name for your business then people will be attracted and remember you. 3. make your cart looks more " WOW", means more creative more peculiar, for example, "theme", you may call this cart "harry potter" you can add pic on your cart and hot dogs' packaging or harry potter sticker on the ketchup bottle. that makes your business different from others business. 4.do the research (how many people around this area? how many studdnt? how many aged population? (students will buy more actually), this point let you understand your target mark. 5. and the last one is calculate the cost, you wanna earn money right?! hah good luck! Publié le 06/04/17
April 6, 2017
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May 27, 2017
Thank you Danlin for those awesome tips. Thank you investor jun for this opportunity. Publié le 13/09/18
September 13, 2018