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That thing that you have seen other salon owners accomplish, but you just haven't been able to figure it out and make it work for your business? Or, maybe it's something you have thought about but you keep getting stuck.

I want to combine a healthy lifestyle regimen with hair styling for healthy growth results. Publié le 29/11/17
November 29, 2017
I am not a hair salon owner, but I remember seeing a fantastic idea. Mostly kids accompany adults to salon and there is generally no way to engage them(that would keep them less erratic and noisy :p) There was a salon which installed an xbox so that kids are engrossed in it while the mom has a peaceful haircut! Publié le 13/12/17
December 13, 2017
The perfect combination around price, service, fast and be the best. Achieve a relaxing experience One idea is to perform a fragrance massage before making a cut and have those same fragrances for sale. relaxes the client and offers a unique experience and also develops the post sale Publié le 29/05/18
May 29, 2018
Hi Danyale, Working on a product development project, I saw salons are offering to "test" new products on you! Customers receive free samples and free service!. Direct and indirect sales follow. regards, Javier Publié le 19/07/18
July 19, 2018