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Hi. Ready to implement! Where can one find and recruit interested persons to participate as Board Members for an emerging nonprofit serving homeless families with children? Strategic planning has been completed, Board...

Look at the community you will be serving. Look at those working there now. Reach out to them about your idea. Do not at first say, "I need Board Members." This is a no-no. Also family and friends you can trust might also be a start to get you quorum going. Good luck Latrice. Publié le 27/10/17
October 27, 2017
Thank you for your insight. Publié le 27/10/17
October 27, 2017
Latrice, so often that is the where things start to get tricky. My suggestions to do an audit and identify what skills and expertise you need your board members to bring to the table. Once you know what you need from them then look for volunteers on sites like volunteer match, reach out to those in your community that have the skills you are looking for, ask your friends and family if they know anyone that have the skills you need. Most importantly whoever you choose must be passionate about your goals and visions for the nonprofit. Publié le 10/11/17
November 10, 2017
Thank you Tuella... Publié le 13/11/17
November 13, 2017
Hey Latrice, You can have a fair Linkedin search on top leaders havibg board positions, you can connect them with request. After acceptance, you can propose your idea and if they really care about your cause, there are high chances of conversion. Make sure you give complete details about your idea to disambiguate anything. Hope this helps, All the Best..!!! Publié le 14/11/17
November 14, 2017
Hi Latrice. I'd have to agree with the comments above. I'd also check out this site https://www.volunteermatch.org. I used this site to volunteer for my board. Maybe it will work for you. Good luck! Publié le 16/11/17
November 16, 2017
Thank you all! Such great information... Publié le 13/12/17
December 13, 2017
i must say i like the idea of creating a board since it brings diversity to the table. i will def try and see when will i be ready to form a board for my organisation Publié le 19/12/17
December 19, 2017