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I am the first president of the Enactus team at my school, and I am struggling with keeping people motivated in doing the work that we have to do. We have a group of 15 people, who seem to be motivated, but when time to do the actual work comes it is only like 3 of us who do it. I am asking this questions as I am trying to get the entire group motivated to do the work we have to do rather than only 3 of us so that there can be more insight, and more results. .

People are generally motivated by: Affiliation (related to belonging to a group), Power (related to having control over a domain, one’s actions or others’), and Achievement (related to improvement, growth, and self-realization). In this sense, you can: -make it explicit that only those who put an X amount of work can be "part of the group" -give responsible for a specific task or area (even better if it is an area they wish to learn/gain experience on) and make it public in a website, dashboard, at public events, etc. -discuss and define a common reason for why the work is important to the people in the group (what is the mission/purpose/the why) and define a common vision (what does success looks like and what are the consequences for different stakeholders) Publié le 20/03/18
March 20, 2018
Keeping volunteers motivated is challenging. Have you tried to break them into teams and make some of the tasks a competition? And the reward could be some type of recognition. Publié le 04/04/18
April 4, 2018
Hello, what one may do to motivate a group is by listening to their problems and trying to fix that. Try and also mention the good things that your group has done Publié le 05/04/18
April 5, 2018
Know how much leadership to offer and how much to let the individual grow on his or her own. Strike the right balance between specific and generic guidance so the unique individual traits of the workers come through in the business model and solutions to problems, system design and success of the firm are derived from the people running the enterprise and not from the leader. Manage constructively by fostering an environment respectful of all points of view but drive to fulfilling progressive objectives as a first priority and blend differences of opinion decisively. Publié le 08/04/18
April 8, 2018
I suggest as one of your group exercises, you build/map out a project plan of the assignment with tasks, ownership, timeline, and success measures. You do not mention if people are saying they will do something and never do it, or just not volunteering for the tasks. When tasks are outlined and everyone knows what others have ownership of, it promotes healthy competition. I also suggest you do some time of award recognition (it could be printed certificate) for those that were stand-outs on the project. These techniques cost nothing and can change behavior of individuals to increase participation. Publié le 29/04/18
April 29, 2018