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Hi Aditya how far is your knowledge about chocolate where inside the proccess do you want to be involved (plants- seeds- raw material for other industries or the final product ... the chocolate bar or the candy) do you produce cocoa seeds? you know how to dry and ferment the seeds how to produce cocoa liquor How to separate natural fat from cocoa (widely used in the cosmetics industry) how to produce different mixtures with spices (for example: salt, pepper, mint, cinnamon, and so on) soy lecithin organics? or Monsanto? natural or with preservatives? Do you want to produce handmade or you want semi industrialized or you have capital to make a big industry Do you want to sell abroad or you want to dedicate your effort to sell locally or you want to import chocolate or the materials for the final production of candies and cocoa tea and other products if you have answers pls tell us in order to give you a better advice I am form Venezuela Publié le 07/04/18
April 7, 2018