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Looking for a mentor to share some experiences, practices and tips & tricks of the trade - recruiting graduates. My background is Careers Counselling and Personal Development. Please feel free to contribute your ideas (creative and otherwise), planning tips for start-ups and general wisdom in the area of recruiting graduates for technical occupations.

Hey Julian Walters, how is the process so far? Well one thing is for certain, you are likely to attract people that think like you but this is a 6-10 in theory. The way to go will be to list some of the treats/skills/quality that you consider important to you. These will give you a guiding point as to what individual will fit best with your company. Don't just limit it to these, ask them to compile a abstract about them self depicting the treats/skills/quality that are most applicable to them. Hopefully this helped Publié le 28/06/18
June 28, 2018
Hey Prince, thank you for your response. I’m a trained Career counselor and, in fact, a personal development crusader myself. I have engaged in many self-introspective activities over the past year regarding setting up a business. So I do have a strong trait for adopting meaningful and efficient processes and procedures; which at times can be my downfall. This is why I am here. I don’t have much direct experience with the recruitment industry, and I am looking for someone who has the experience to assist ideas with the processes and procedures (the ropes within recruitment) to facilitate with launching my business proposal. Do you or anyone you know have experience in the recruiting sector? Publié le 01/07/18
July 1, 2018