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I'm looking into buying products from overseas distributors to then resell. I've heard Alibaba is a great site to find wholesalers from China. I've been doing some research on shipping and I'm wondering what costs I will encounter (port fees, customs, etc.) in this process. I'm also a bit concerned about products meeting CBP requirements, or other American laws. Will I need a lot of licenses to be able to import goods? Any help with any of this would be greatly appreciated!

Hola Annabelle, Perona que te escriba en español. Te escribo desde sud América. Si es conveniente comprar de distribuidores, pero es mucho mejor si haces contacto con una fábrica para analizar los siguientes puntos: cantidad de pedido, diseño, y especificaciones (Todos esos aspectos puedes cambiarlos a voluntad con la fábrica). Ahora sí quieres importar productos varios de distintas fábricas lo que puedes hacer es: Viajar.- Yiwu es considerado el mercado mayorista más grande, allí podrás conseguir Brokers, las cuales revisaran tu carga, y la embarcaran en dirección al puerto que desees, bajo incoterm FOB 2010, comúnmente. Compra por Alibaba: para evitar estafas debes hacer el contacto con una empresa broker, asegurarte que no sea falsa, y hacer que tu compra por Alibaba vaya a los almacenes del broker, para que ellos mediante videollamada revisen la mercancía junto contigo. Y luego te lo envíen por avión o barco. Consejo: te recomiendo contrates a una empresa de transporte desde tu país para que traiga tú mercancía desde China, ya sean los almacenes del broker o el puerto al cual el broker pueda enviar, hasta la puerta de la aduana o la puerta de tu empresa. Así tendrás cotizaciones de los costos de transporte. También te recomiendo revises las ofertas, si es poca cantidad te lo pueden enviar a hasta estados unidos, grátis. Esa es más o menos la forma de trabajo con mis clientes de importaciónes, Deseo tengas éxitos. Publié le 16/05/19
May 16, 2019
Hello Annabelle, your question is a delicate one, your prices from an overseas producer will vary with the amount you want to buy and the value of the product. You will have to workout how much you can shift per month or year and negotiate a price with the manufacturer, note that price per pallet/pallets will be much higher then price per Full Container Load. See the links below for some information about importation in the US and shipping from China. https://www.dhs.gov/how-do-i/find-importexport-forms https://sino-shipping.com/country-guides/freight-from-china-to-united-states/ https://jingsourcing.com/shipping-from-china-to-us-cost/#p3p2 I hope it is helpful to you Regards Octavian. Publié le 21/05/19
May 21, 2019
Annabelle, Depending on the products, yes, you may encounter additional requirements from other US Government agencies. As for the costs for importing items into the US from other countries, you will face many additional charges increasing the actual landed cost of your products. You will also need to consider volume purchasing issues, such as what Octavian mentions, as well as whether you will be paying them directly to service providers (such as US Customs Brokers, freight forwarders, truckers, etc.) or if the manufacturer/wholesaler/distributor will be you for them and ship them to you under DDP incoterms. You may also consider letter of credit payment form for larger volume purchases, depending on the supplier. If you need more details, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Best of luck! Publié le 21/07/19
July 21, 2019
Hi, Its easy to think but you need proper Knowledge of the product n Your Customer target. Sell is different part. First sell something you know better then start First you prove to yourself Are you really capable to sell products? Publié le 29/07/19
July 29, 2019
Hello Annabelle Botch, Yes, it's worth buying from overseas if the product is cheaper and has better quality. China is the world's manufacturing destination. All the big brands now have a manufacturing site in China and the most item being sold in the US and every other country is being imported from China. Getting started, it's important you learn about other brands in your area that sells the kind of items you want to sell, check the quality and prices, find out where they buy from, do your background research and find a way to provide better items at a competitive price. If you have the capital, you can visit china to negotiate with the manufactures and if you are planning to start small for now, then it's good you buy online. Importing into the US will require some documentation which you might not want to handle its stress so you can work with the delivery agents, let them handle the entire shipping challenges while you focus on buying and selling your good. You can always get a good shipping agent that won't charge you too much, research about them ask them about their charges, then compare. I hope you find this helpful I wish you all the best. www.ajibolarilwan.com Publié il y a 1 semaine
September 7, 2019
Alibaba or any similar websites are cancer to me, long story, short answer to your question, you need to figure out what you're going to sell, what your margins need to be and price to maintain profit and competitive edge then work with someone who handles worldwide logistics to have them figure out pricing after tariffs or help you find a direct manufacturer that will fit your criteria and MOQ. Publié il y a 4 jours
September 12, 2019