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My name is Eze Joshua Destiny, I'm planning to start up a good laundry shop, but unfortunately I have half of the budget need, I have tried to contact family and friends but unfortunately they don't have, I also tried contacting investors and they refused to invest.... I need advice,

Use what you have to get what you want. I have Launderers all around me, they don't even have washing machine but they started with buckets, washing soap, starch, packaging nylon and a good pressing iron which can go for as little as N3,000.00 and get pressing table. You are good to go. If you are passionate about this business idea, get casual job and save towards it. If people love your services then you will grow from there and have a standard laundry business. Publié le 19/09/18
September 19, 2018
Thanks GRACE OLUWAKOYA I'm taking your advice. I'm starting it soon.... Thanks and God bless you Publié le 21/09/18
September 21, 2018
Well, laundry business do not require so much capital, you'd just be procrastinating if you don't start with your available resources. Since you have been able to raise some capital, make out a list of your requirements in their order of priority and get started! Waiting to hear your success story. Publié le 21/06/19
June 21, 2019
Thanks.. I'm working towards it, and I'll share the testimony here soon. Thanks for all your answers Publié le 21/06/19
June 21, 2019