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Hi everybody!! I want to design my own career specialty, thinking in working for my own. In the field of real estate-architecture, I want to be expert in developing an improve space usage, space allocation for better business. My doubts is, What steps to follow? (right now I just have studies in the field, nothing else)

Felipe, I would suggest you get some experience and build client base so you have credibility in your work. Maybe even do some projects for very less or free so you have a portfolio of work. Then build a website and promote your services. Publié le 01/10/18
October 1, 2018
What I will add is that spend time and money to read and study about it. It will not one day for you to be great in your career. Publié le 02/10/18
October 2, 2018
Well, i think that is the same on all the áreas: Be Special (learn about things that are not the standard) Be Specialist (Become an expert in some things, don't try to make all the things) Never work for free Keep yourself updated (take training couses, learn about tendencies etc) This is a generic recomendation that Works on almost any activity Good Luck Publié le 22/10/18
October 22, 2018
Thank you for all the tips, Its great advice and I am going to use it for sure!!! Publié le 23/10/18
October 23, 2018