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I would be happy to help or identify additional free resources. What issues are you having? Publié le 26/11/18
November 26, 2018
What sections are you having trouble with? I may be able to help you. I recently finished my business plan and I've got some really awesome resources. Publié le 12/01/19
January 12, 2019
Hi id be happy to help just message me i was just offered 2 million to turn my blog into an app by an investor because of my business plan and im currently developing a businessplan for my new business. Get in touch and lets start a conversation Publié le 13/01/19
January 13, 2019
Hi It is good that you have decided to have a complete business plan. Please note a busines plan is a must for any businessman to start a new business. I can certainly help you in crafting your Bplan. Do reach me whenever you need any help. Regards, Anand Khisti. Publié le 18/01/19
January 18, 2019