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Does Micro Mentoring apply to non profits?

Hi Rachel, Good to see that you are volunteering for a non profit. Micromentoring dose apply to non profits. Pleae feel free to contact me regarding this. Anand Khisti. Publié le 24/01/19
January 24, 2019
Hi Rachel, micro mentoring in my opinion the passion to help others achieve their goals by working with them and creating a thinking tank that consists of a safe environment whereby the exchange of ideas will help them develop their skills or talents and provide guidance in areas needed. Non profit organizations consists of individuals in need of help and and usually volunteers want to make a difference and they’re passionate about it this is evident in their willingness to provide assistance without expecting any material returns. Every time you’re interacting with any of the individuals helping them or giving them simple advise in a way you’re mentoring them. Now this relationship can develop and be more effective if you’re willing to give more of your time and offer micro mentoring. So I disagree with Anand on this as I believe micro mentoring does apply to non profit organizations. Nadia Publié le 25/01/19
January 25, 2019
Hello Rachel. Awesome that you're volunteering to help a non-profit. What kind of assistance are you looking for? Publié le 28/01/19
January 28, 2019
Micro Mentor does indeed include assistance to non-profits. I have helped many over the last 7 years here. Most small business government grants go to non-profit organizations because of the nature of the work such entities do. A non-profit organization operates in much the same way that a for-profit company does except that the founder (s) work for a board of directors that pays them a salary and, upon registration with state and federal governments under IRS provision 501 3 (c) or a similar designation, the business pays no taxes. What would normally be considered profit in a for-profit company is re-invested back into a non-profit to further its work. Annual reports are required by the IRS to demonstrate the re-investment and maintain a tax-free status. Non-profit organizations are usually initiated to pursue a religious or socio-economic endeavor serving the public, such as churches, health care, public information, communications, high technology, or similar undertakings. No one owns a non-profit organization. A board of directors, a charter, articles of organization filed with the state and the IRS designation with the federal government establish it as a public entity. In the event it is discontinued, all proceeds and assets are distributed by the government for public use and no one individual benefits. A non-profit charter must include that provision. The following link at NOLO provides the chronological process between a state registration and the IRS in applying for non-profit registration and tax-exempt status: ******** http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/form-nonprofit-501c3-corporation-30228.html ******* Publié le 05/02/19
February 5, 2019
Rachel, I am an attorney with a tax, business, and non-profit background who is just looking to help people and connect, and I would be happy to try to help, if you are looking for assistance of a more legal nature. If you are, feel free to reach out to me at my office email address, which is jstewart@larssonlaw.com. Jeff Stewart Publié le 27/03/19
March 27, 2019