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Hi, I need your opinion on a little something. I'm an internet entrepreneur. I do mail checks in the morning and answer questions. Then I am working on the completion of the training sets that I intend to sell and I also offer the completed ones for sale on some platforms. After that, I am making content and video about "Internet Entrepreneurship" for my instagram and youtube page. I'm trying to create my own audience. Because I have to create my own audience to sell the training sets I just mentioned.After that, there are digital hypnotherapy products that I intend to sell for subliminal treatment. I have a site I opened for this. I write articles and do seo work on this site. After that, I list what I'm going to do tomorrow and end the day. However, the fact that all these jobs are too much prevents me from focusing strongly, and I find it difficult to finish the job. Moreover, although all of these are reduced. What should I do? I am grateful for your answer.

As a business owner: delegate. Delegation is a powerful tool. If you don't have employees hire one and lift some of the responsibility from your shoulders. Most of what you're doing involves interacting with people so its not automatable unfortunately. Publié le 26/06/19
June 26, 2019
I agree - if you can hire someone or get someone to help you for free, that would be great. Additionally, you need to get more analytical with your time management. Figure out what strategies are working for you and double down on those. Disregard the tasks that do not help your business grow! Publié le 10/07/19
July 10, 2019