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What's your expertise into? Then, some suggestions can be helpful for you. Publié le 20/03/19
March 20, 2019
To start small , you need : 1. A clear , detailed plan to what are the kind of the product or service you want to achieve. 2. Time frame for execution the product or service. 3. Collect feed back and run quality control . 4. Repeat the process after correction made in part 3. Publié le 21/03/19
March 21, 2019
Hi Akhil, First I would like to thank you for the posting the question. The current trend in India is all about internet business, e-commerce etc. In which class you are studying now and what is your background, means is your family already have the business? First you need to identify your own expertise based on that I am able to provide a road map to start the business. Regards, Mahesha Prabhu Publié le 06/06/19
June 6, 2019