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Being a company is in the financial services industry, requirements include region-specific licensing registeration and lots of intra-secto relationships networking, amongst other deliverables that makes us scale.

Hi Kofoworola! I am not sure this is the most important, but I highly suggest training and skills in project management. So much of business and leadership depends on initiating, planning, executing and monitoring projects; whether it be a small project of writing and submitting documents or a very large project such as setting up a site location with staff, it involves project work. Failed projects cost time and money, so having the expertise to manage the projects well will certainly help a business succeed. In addition, projects involve cost and schedule so managing a project successfully will also help you to manage budget and timeline. There is a lot of great project management online coursework available. It think a skill-set in project management will really help! Publié le 05/04/19
April 5, 2019
Valerie, thank you! Your answer to my question helps indeed. Publié le 06/04/19
April 6, 2019