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I own a small henna tattoo business that operates at farmers markets and for hire at public and private events. My customers often pay me in either cash or check in addition to card. With card, I automatically send them receipts, but with cash and check, I don't know how to offer them receipts since I usually have a long line and am only one person. Therefore, hand-writing out receipts for each transaction is not possible. Is it necessary to give each customer a reciept? I want to comply with all legalities. I currently track my income and expenses and enter them in a spreadsheet, but I am curious whether I need more of a paper trail to document who each part of my income is coming from.

Yes you need a system of generation a receipt , there are some companies can help with this for a very small fee. The receipt will track your expenses in an organized way. You can always get the customer email and send the paid fee in email which is considered a documented receipt and you can do that after the service since you are running the business alone. Good luck ! Publié le 22/03/19
March 22, 2019
This question is related some what to your question regarding a bank account here at the Micro Mentor Q&A. I agree with Sairan that receipt provide solid records for the beginning of your accounting system. The one exception might be if the client is using a credit card or electronic digital payments if you are set up to receive them. To do so would required your having a bank account for your business only, not your personal finances. The expenses for the digital payment service and the bank account service charges can be written off on your taxes and lower your taxable income. Publié le 25/03/19
March 25, 2019