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I'm Founder,Infinity Wellness(infinitywellness.in), offering personalized yoga-therapy(treatment through yoga for lifestyle disorders & chronic diseases),directly by me, but I want to take into a startup through a combination of digital & retail-based clinic model, that I believe has huge potential in India & across the globe as an Complementary and Alternative Medicine(CAM) and scientific(as there are approximately 4000 research papers published). I'm unable to choose right mentor as i don't know whom to choose based on experience? I request the mentor's who's got experience in building startups and interested to mentor me in my journey,please send me your request. Although I've struggled to get customer's through direct marketing(as everyone are aware about yoga in India, but not yoga-therapy) I got referrals through existing patients and work with them.I'm constrained to take up as Start-up model due to Solo-Founder, Financial resources, Technology & Manpower.

Harishh, Getting customers is one of the toughest, yet most important parts of a business. I think one good first step is understanding who you customer is (i.e. develop a persona), what they want, and ultimately how much are they willing to pay for your service. Feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss more in depth about some of the issues you are facing. Publié le 16/06/19
June 16, 2019
Hi Harish, I have built my brand in last 10 months, getting customers is not an issue, showing them that you care for them is. Feel free to reach out for free strategy call and we can discuss the dynamics in which we are staying. Regards, Raakesh Publié le 19/06/19
June 19, 2019