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I am looking for a partner to develop @askanything, a business that is paying students who are asking questions on the Steem platform. http://steemit.com/@askanything I am looking for a partner with marketing competencies. Can we find business partners on Micromentor or do you know another website to find a business partner ?

Setting Website initially required careful planning to be successful. do let me know if you require any guidance. Publié le 17/05/19
May 17, 2019
Hi Christophe, You can check out Co Founders Lab https://cofounderslab.com/, Startups, Entrepreneurs LinkedIn Groups, Founder Dating http://founderdating.com/, Founder 2 be https://www.founder2be.com/, attend a local Startup Weekend event https://startupweekend.org/. Keep in mind you will have to have a strategy, plan outlined, how much equity you are willing to give/offer, all the details to create and get this going. Publié le 04/06/19
June 4, 2019
Thank you for your help. I am using Onfocoin, a social token, to thanks people who are helping me; You can get 10 Onfocoin when you join my network. https://my.onfocoin.com/connect-social/code?code=chrisaiki Publié le 04/06/19
June 4, 2019
Hi Christophe I will be interested to partner with you depending on the nature of the partnership I am very competent in marketing Publié le 05/06/19
June 5, 2019
Hi Enoch, thank you for your interest. I am contacting you on private message. Publié le 06/06/19
June 6, 2019
Hello Christophe, It sounds like you are looking for a cofounder right ? The answers given by Kim F are actually the best places to find someone. However, you need to be more specific and infact write out what you want from and in a cofounder. If you have a document like that, I may be able to help get you to the right person . Publié le 04/07/19
July 4, 2019