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I am web developer (freelance) and I want to start a digital agency. As a developer I picked all kinds of clients from various industries. But, now I want to start an agency and I get mixed advice: some suggest niche-down others to keep clients broad.

I'd think long term and really focus on where you'd want your digital agency to be down the road. I'd say if you want to go big, go broad. An agency that benefits the clients (and themselves) most would have everything they need under one roof. Publié le 03/05/19
May 3, 2019
Currently, the market is very competitive, start broad in the beginning. you need clients at first. then once you are comfortable, you can select the niche depending on the business potential. Publié le 06/05/19
May 6, 2019
Cephas.site.live has the answers Publié le 08/05/19
May 8, 2019
Hello Misha, When it come to a very competitive industry like that, the question is: do you want to become a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond? If you target a niche first, and try to be a big fish in a small pond, then when you are ready, you swim to the big pond to meet shark Publié le 11/05/19
May 11, 2019
Going broad might sound interesting but I don't think is the best for now considering the fact that your industry is a very competitive one at this era Is always nice to hold few things firmly than to handle many things lightly having too many clients you can't handle or satisfy will bring bad reputation for you especially as a beginner but picking a niche will help you stay focused and effective of course expansion is always welcome Publié le 12/05/19
May 12, 2019
Hello Misha K, Digital Agency is Excellent Idea, Most of the Online business are facing competition and they do require these types of service. Do contact me if you require any assistance. Regards Anand Publié le 13/05/19
May 13, 2019