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I have a domain but facing the challenges to start and setup my domain as per my plan. Looking for the best mentore to guide me for successful setup and guide me for its beautiful marketing!

So you own the domain but haven't published it? Simplest setup is through a company like wix. Allows you to connect to the domain you purchased and has a fairly clean user interface. There's a whole other aspect beyond purchasing the domain itself, get ready for a fun ride! Seriously though, if you need anything shoot me a message. Publié le 13/05/19
May 13, 2019
Setting Website initially required careful planning to be successful. Most of the stuff you can do on your own do let me know if you require any guidance. Publié le 17/05/19
May 17, 2019
If you have purchased domain, you can setup basic website with website builders but remember for any website, content and photographs are the key. If you setup on your own that is fine or seek some expert guidance because website is your key presentation to the rest of the world. It has to be professional. If you need any help ping me, Publié le 21/05/19
May 21, 2019