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Hello, I am making my blog. I did everything.create post, purchased a domain name, hosting. Only I need guidance from digital marketer to promote my blog. My requirements are not great then also I am not finding any mentor.

What type of guidance are you looking for Shilpa? What type of blog are you working on? Publié le 13/05/19
May 13, 2019
It sounds like promoting your blog is where you are seeking help. I suggest to try some of the social media platforms such as LinkedIn, etc. On these social media platforms you can reach huge broadcast audiences. One area to consider concentrating is how to word the promotion... there are a lot of great resources explaining the best wording, approach, how to make it sound "catchy", etc. Publié il y a 4 semaines
August 23, 2019
Our apologies that you are not having an ideal time trying to connect with multiple mentors. We understand how incredibly frustrating that must be. Please don't give up. Usually, if you reach out to a mentor that shows they have been active in the last 6 months or shorter these will be the best ones to respond quickly. If you need further guidance on how to determine a mentor's activity please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Thank you! MicroMentor Support Publié il y a 4 semaines
August 23, 2019
we asssit in complete digital advertsing services .what is the exact query Publié il y a 5 jours
September 16, 2019