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Hello. My name is Silviya and I am from Bulgaria. I work as a full-time lawyer and a university professor but my passion has always been to be a writer. So I started writing my first novel but I also want to build a business connected with writing. The problem is that I don't know where to start. I want to create online courses for writers and people who want to become writers, teaching them how to write, how to create their author platform, how can they build a business and start earning money so that can have the freedom, time, and money to write. I know that I have to work on my email list, blog, and social media but I tend to do too many things at the same time. I need someone to help me with getting started, business planning and time management, otherwise said - someone to help me put things in the right order.

Hello Silviya, You have to build a technology platform to enable interested users to enroll for taking a course and also you have to make it popular among the netizens to create awareness.If you are interested I can design a strategy road map for you but before that I need more inputs from you. Thanks Naresh Kumar Ragi Publié le 21/05/19
May 21, 2019
Hi Silviya, Thank you putting your question in the forum, First you need to find a title of your book and cover page. Share this in the Social media FB, Twitter etc., Before start writing the book you can make a good video and publish in your own youtube channel, create the curiosity with people so that they should buy the book on first release. You can put your book in Amazon as upcoming release and this also need to share in the social media platform, ask the people place the order in Amozon and any other e-commerce website. Release e-book of 10 to 15 pages by providing the 5% of the content and when people download the e-book required to ask their email ID and Contact numbers, this help you to send the weekly updates and release dates, where they can find the store online and offline. You need to find a person who can help you to monitor your social media accounts, you need to ask the people to signup or show their interest on your upcoming book by asking them to provide their email ID and contact number. I have gave about 60% of information to you, if you need further details please revert back on this answer. Regards, Mahesha Prabhu Publié le 06/06/19
June 6, 2019
hi Silviya, I think you want to do too many things too fast. Better start with one and start with WHY. I have helped people who can start on their own. Feel free to reach out. Regards, Raakesh Publié le 19/06/19
June 19, 2019
Hello Silviya, I have written several books and like you worked professionally for others before phasing into my own enterprise consulting to small business. I would be pleased provide input to you, as I have many others, in developing a strategy, a marketing plan, and a business plan to achieve your enterprise objectives. I have left an offer at your profile in further details. Ken Publié le 20/06/19
June 20, 2019
Okay Silviya, you want to create an online course for future writers and you maintioned blog, email list and social media. I advise you start with your own blog, so get a hosted blog so that people will get to know you first. Publié il y a 3 semaines
August 25, 2019
I can help. Publié il y a 3 semaines
August 26, 2019