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I am starting a small catering company and need to open a business bank account.

Hi Mary, For a sole proprietorship you could open a bank account with your SSN provided you are doing business just under your name. Otherwise you may need to also obtain a “DBA certificate” which is a state thing and does not require EIN. Publié le 23/05/19
May 23, 2019
There are instances where an individual is required to have an EIN to register a business or it is very desirable to have one. Many banks require an EIN before they will set up a bank account for a business. I advise all my clients to get EIN's and not use their SSN's for the simple sake of security and personal data protection. For more detail on these factors please see the following good article at NOLO: ******** https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/when-does-sole-proprietor-need-ein.html ******* Publié le 27/05/19
May 27, 2019
you need a EIN if it is a corporation or LLC, a SSC if you are a sole proprietorship. Publié le 28/05/19
May 28, 2019