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Strategic and Innovative partnership is very rewarding Not many people knows that a good business partnership can set you on the map of success Who is open for International Business partnership in the field of Business Mentorship and Leadership trainings in Nigeria, the market here in the city of Port Harcourt is huge people are hungry for mentorship and leadership empowerment

Hello Enoch, seems you dont necessarily need a mentor but a business partner? Is there a way i can help you in mentorship aspect? Kindly let me know. Thanks Publié le 02/06/19
June 2, 2019
Thank you Mesharch, like you rightly said what I need is a Partner not a Mentor Publié le 03/06/19
June 3, 2019
Hello, I have been providing business mentorship in India and would be happy to know about your idea. Please provide more details about the business idea. Regards You can reach out to me at cashreyance@gmail.com Publié le 20/06/19
June 20, 2019