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What is top 5 way/channel to increase sales number and value for an IT consulting (B2B) business? Hi Rika: In consulting, if you are already providing services to existing clients, you can 'farm', by offering new services to extend the business relationship. If you do not offer a new service, figure out pain points the client may be having from your key client stakeholder or the project's engagement manager, identifying any areas they (client) made need some help (people, processes, tech), provide a solution to alleviate their pain points thus increasing business. Get performance reviews and testimonials from your clients to post them on new marketing materials, social media. Have them endorse you. Offer a referral program Offer a discount for a consultation Do a podcast Focus on a potential client, study them and provide a whitepaper on how your services can add value to the organization Good luck! Publié le 04/06/19
June 4, 2019
Agree with Kim. "Land and expand" is a good approach. Pay more attention to how you can expand your offering with existing customers since there is already trust built. Referrals also is good way to leverage existing clients as Kim also mentioned. For new clients, take a "account based marketing" (ABM) approach. Google that. Here is one link: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/account-based-marketing-guide Publié le 04/06/19
June 4, 2019
Agree with Kim and Agarwal. I would also reflect and ask the questions, What makes my business unique and what can I offer over the competition. Focus on what made your clients join you and use that as a key driver to find new business with marketing, referral, and target markets. From a personal standpoint, always believe in what you are selling and it won't come off as sales-ish. Publié le 06/06/19
June 6, 2019
Hi all, thank you for your insightful response. I'll try to develop some strategy based on the ideas given here. Keep in touch. Publié le 08/06/19
June 8, 2019