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My name is chiamaka obiechina ,i am a graduate and into business too,i need help on how i can export Red oil,ginger,garlic,chacoal from Nigeria to other countries of the world abroad . please i humbly solicite for your assistance .Anyone with help should please contact me on any of these platforms : whatssapp on +2348109438326, Email chiamakaobechinap@gmail.com,Telegram @chiamaka obiechina. Thanks as you assist and God bless you

Hi Chiamaka, I'm not too experienced in this field but I believe you'll need connections with shipping companies and businesses to the countries you want to have relations with. I would probably start with one if not two, countries and go from there. I would focus on the countries that don't have large quantities of your supply and focus on providing that product in that country. Once you determine the country, I would read as much as I can on the exporting business and the cost it will take to get your items into that country. I would look at regulations and see if there are any restrictions prohibited products you can't export or that country can't import. Hope that helps! Publié le 06/06/19
June 6, 2019
Thanks a lot Mr Jason Won for the Message ,i sincerely appreciate . Please keep intouch as you reaserch on it Email chiamakaobiechinap@gmail.com. Thanks and God bless you Publié le 10/06/19
June 10, 2019