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Most of the times, biotech requires millions of investment, and are not accessible for individual enterprises. But maybe you have the perfect idea ? Publié le 07/06/19
June 7, 2019
Dear Christophe, Thanks for answering my query. Well, I am just thinking of a possibility where my company could develop a product with under a million funding. Given the nature of what I want to do, I believe that's possible. I am still brainstorming my idea. Any advice is wholeheartedly welcomed. Thank you, Sabna Publié le 10/06/19
June 10, 2019
Hey Sabna!! First thing, You should never go back with idea unimplemented. Now the thing is your product should be prototyped and tested for your purpose. Second thing as an entrepreneur I would suggest the days of selling a product for your town is over; your product should be globally useful. You should know whom are you selling it to very clearly and precisely! Understand customer requirement, combine your innovation and sell global is the funda! any help : borapradyumna@gmail.com (Nasik, India) Publié le 12/06/19
June 12, 2019
Biotech is definitely something that needs a lot of investment since there are regulatory hurdles and science can take longer than expected. I have some experience with medical devices and digital health in the US. Feel free to reach out! Publié le 10/07/19
July 10, 2019
Based on the bio-tech companies here (in Silicon Valley) that have been funded, unless you have an MD or PhD, and have been working in the same niche of biotech that your startup will be targeting (for 7-10 years), then it's unlikely that you'll be taken seriously. I'd suggest recruiting the people with those credentials and backgrounds to co-found with you. And to recruit current and retired C-level execs from Healthcare/Pharma/BioTech companies to be advisors. Good luck! Publié le 11/07/19
July 11, 2019