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Hi Mashesha, Coaching and mentoring are different. Anyone can use a friendly ear, voice of reason, motivation for empowerment. If someone has been where you been or going where you are trying to go, its nice to know that there are people out there like you and that you are not alone. Its good to have a support system for the good, bad or otherwise. Its the little things that keep people going, the change to see things in a fresh light. Publié le 07/06/19
June 7, 2019
And that support (coaching or mentoring) helps mentally and emotionally. Those things are needed for success and what people deem as their definition of success. Publié le 07/06/19
June 7, 2019
Thank you Kim for your answers, any other answers available on this question. Publié le 10/06/19
June 10, 2019
Anytime Mahesha :). Publié le 11/06/19
June 11, 2019
Both coaching and mentoring are different and purpose are different. why do you need is decided by the result you have in your life and results that you want to get in life. feel free to reach out. Regards, Raakesh Publié le 19/06/19
June 19, 2019
Virtually all entrepreneurs fail to ask themselves the truly difficult questions holding back their business. A mentor should be able to dig down, find those holes and help you plug them. Publié le 19/06/19
June 19, 2019