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I'm a student also a hair stylist how do I start up a business of weavon and attachment ,no much capital I'm from Nigeria.

Hi Nneka: If you want to start an online hair business? I would suggest selling products you use on your clients hair on your own website on shopify, aliexpress, amazon, ebay. Or if you work out of your home or in a shop, buying popular products you use for your clients in bulk and selling them to your clients as well. You can see which products sell the most where you profit from and then decide on creating an online store. Good luck. Publié le 10/06/19
June 10, 2019
Hello Nneka, So you want to start a hair business, let me break it down Challenges Study, Funds, location, market, Time, Source, adverts Possible solutions Market: before you get a shop you have to identify your market, and how much do they want your service, try by getting a sample of your product and advertising with it one on one to people, start with your friends; other students, find out what they think about various types of weavons, or tell them how good it is, why its different from that of any competitor, build the fuss, then if you get a set of people ready to buy, place an order for your first batch, sell and see how it goes, sell by demand first, you can also raise money for shop through this method, Fund: since you are a student, i dont know how convinient having a shop would be and the fact theres not much fund, but if you must get a shop, do you have family friends who can help raise the cash for you ? Or you can share a shop with another vendor maybe those into pedicure and manicure, just to cut cost. The shop: consider the shop has to be located where ur target market is e.g if the students are your target, then a shop in the school area would do, it also helps you to be closer to school activities. Online: You can also consider E-commerce or selling online, and delivering to your customers Advertising Use your facebook, whatsapp status, instagram page, to let people know what you are selling source: where are you going to be buying the weavon from, is it quality, and when you factor in the transport, are you making gain ? Expand: Also think of other business ideas, other products that could go with selling weavon , and combine them together. I wish you Good luck with your business idea. Publié le 12/06/19
June 12, 2019