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Hi Chinenye, Congrats. Hopefully you know that the hair products you have are what costumers are looking to purchase. Did you conduct surveys, interviews to ask friends, family, other if they would be interested in purchasing the products? And at the prices that will be offered? Who are your competitors? What makes your online store better than the rest? Who is your target market? Men, women, all ages? braid, twist, dread hair wearers? Are you selling products by category? i.e. weave, sew ins, brushes, combs, moisturizers, shampoo? Identify products you want to sell and have them at a price point that you can be profitable. Have to test products to see which sells and to keep in inventory (unless you are doing drop shipping. Although you will still need to know what products to keep track of in case you need to keep a few suppliers on speed dial and have relationships with). I would suggest using social media. Instagram, Facebook, twitter. Provide promotions, codes. Content is very important. Tell stories, do write ups, have to keep people engaged and draw them to your website. Do quick product tips for the week type segments in live videos (social media). There are free google analytics courses, which will help you assess keywords, ways and how to acquire your first customer and keep track of those who visit your website, purchase, leave, most viewed pages, etc. Good luck! Publié le 10/06/19
June 10, 2019
I have two words for you . .. Oberlo and Shopify Publié le 12/06/19
June 12, 2019