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hey guys, i have a 6 figure amazon business, in the past iv always outsourced my advertising and as my company is strting to grow im trying to get mentored by someone who understands amazons ppc, i currently have an acos of 44% trying to get that down to atleast 20%

Hi Kyle, Congrats. In addition to finding a mentor, I would suggest check out Google Analytics Academy. They have a few free courses, which you can get certificates for in short turn around (can take them in a few hours). This help our team during an e-comm venture project. You can get a sense of all the important data on your e-commerce site - website visits, mobile visits, abandoned carts, most visited pages, products, etc. You can assess keywords, filters, etc. to gain more insights into your CAQ, how to improve CLTV, retention, google ads and more. It can help you in figuring out ways to optimize and lower your costs, as well as strategize more favorable ways to keep winning with sales. Also remember - content is king. Good luck! Publié le 11/06/19
June 11, 2019
hi Kim thanks for your answer however im looking for someone who really knows there amazon PPC we only are utilizing amazon ppc and i do know the basis just need help with going through our search term reports and optimizing Publié le 11/06/19
June 11, 2019
Hi Kyle, Gotcha. Recommend also using twitter. Many commerce store owners post on how they optimize while branding and discussing content to get to their site. Sure a ton of them use Amazon and are relatable. Good luck. Publié le 12/06/19
June 12, 2019