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I have a startup and looking for acceleration opportunity, I applied for few opportunities, and got rejected from some of them.

Honestly this is just a matter of the hustle. This is where you need to keep going. If you have a product that will survive someone will pick it up. If you are missing some items (check the rejection notices or follow up and ask why you were rejected) and if you are missing statistics, or demand, or if the product simply doesn't dominate enough market share people may not get into it. You will have to hustle and sell, no one could do that for you unless you get a partner that specializes in that Publié le 26/06/19
June 26, 2019
You need to understand what the accelerator is looking for, what stage they are comfortable with helping, and ensuring that you have your mission/vision/team all set up. I have applied to numerous of these and have gotten rejected as well. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss more! Publié le 10/07/19
July 10, 2019