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Please feel free to reach out to me directly or via email danilopena@utexas.edu. Would love to hear more about your idea! Publié le 16/06/19
June 16, 2019
Hello, my friend when it comes to spiritual things, yu need to start within your environment first, let people around you, known your calling, and your healing kind, counselling are of different kinds and as well as healing, some people have, the gift of healing among alot of people, while some is one on one, ,try find yours first, then mix up with your people and start. Then I will tell you ,the next step, after do all this, good luck Publié le 16/06/19
June 16, 2019
Hi Gaurav, Great niche to start with. But would like to understand more. We can have a strategy call to understand your needs, challenges, vision and strategy to take it forward. Feel free to reach out to me. Regards, Raakesh Publié le 19/06/19
June 19, 2019
Hi Gaurav, The idea seems interesting and we are happy to come over call to discuss it further. Feel free to reach out to me. Best Regards Publié le 20/06/19
June 20, 2019