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If you are a forex trader you should already have an understanding of how foreign exchange works. there are many different trading pairs, but you can look into doing USD, CAD, MXN, CLP, ARS, JPY CHF, EUR etc. Using a technical analysis is probably your best bet. If you are doing crypto currency you need to have your ear fine tuned to the market and making sure that when news drops you act quickly before the market catches up. In traditional currency you can trade hundreds of thousands of USD and only make a few pips or micro pips. In crypto currency you can trade a few thousand dollars and make a few thousand more if you are smart. All of it depends on how much risk you are willing to take. One is much more risky than the other. If you need a mentor to do forex trading you'll likely have to pay a few hundred thousand USD a year to pay a forex trader to train you how to make smart money moves. The market is tricky to understand and you'll need to develop software that will beat your competitors which is essentially every major bank in the world. this one will be very very tough. Publié le 26/06/19
June 26, 2019