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Hi Easiest ways as follows: 1) Find out what values you can add 2) Build those values 3) Share with the world 4) Be consistent in your approach 5) Once you do for over a 6 months, you will see the difference Publié le 19/06/19
June 19, 2019
Thank you Raakesh. Very helpful. Publié le 19/06/19
June 19, 2019
Utilize social networking to promote your brand. Personal, professional and business branding is occurring regularly, whether or not we are aware of it. From our web site presence to our postings on the sites of others, from our credit ratings to our cell phone records and application navigation, we are tracking others and being tracked ourselves. Deciding to become active in social networking is really a matter of managing personal, professional and business images/brands or having them manage us. Networking is a vital tool in achieving an image/brand. Establish a network like a wheel. The hub is core content (web site, blog, books, articles, useful materials). The spokes leading from the hub are the tools to network content that is linked to the hub. Contacts are the engines that power the wheel.Content is the fuel that feeds the social networking contacts and powers the wheel. As the wheel turns, the quality of the networking improves with feedback and the wheel climbs the optimization hill of the major search engines (SEO) For further details on social networking to further your brand please see: ******* https://www.smalltofeds.com/2015/05/why-social-network-to-promote-your.html ******* Publié le 20/06/19
June 20, 2019
It's important you first understand what you are venturing into and ask yourself this simple question. What is my mean reasons for going into this and what do I expect,, the last but not the least is to give yourself a target. Using social media is one of the best platform that can skyrocket your business but you have to check the statistics behind it, bcoz you are a beginner and you don't need to spend much. The first people to make your brand products popular is your family and friends and people you have come in contact with. Tape their testimony and share it among your friends on social media(You should also create your our social media page). That help people find and know more about your brand goods. Update your friends about the necessary information they need to know about the products and make sure that you are fully loaded with more knowledge more than the person who is coming to know about your brand... Publié le 30/07/19
July 30, 2019