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Hi, I need some advice on getting more sales. I have a Twitter account but it seems like no one knows it exist. I don't have friends or family to help me grow in the social media field. My cards are created with my hand drawn art and original poetry. I had an etsy account but I didn't get any sales for 4 months even with promoted listing so I close it. I could sell 9 cards on Amazon Handmade but I want to spread my products more. I also have a website and there are daily visitors but no sales. I launch the business in February of this year. Please advise. Thank you.

the poetry art Business is a Business for a target audience. create an Instagram page and handles it with good poetry and pictures tags. i can also help you to drive traffic to the page you have more followers. write to my gmail agupeter75@gmail.com for more information. Publié le 24/06/19
June 24, 2019
further to Peter response, you likely won't be selling the actual physical piece itself, unless you want to get involved with a publisher. This can be tough so What Peter is suggesting is that you post your poetry on Instagram (or other mediums like it) as a medium to generate ad revenue. Publié le 26/06/19
June 26, 2019
It sounds like you need help with marketing, which means you need to build a following or brand. You need to start posting everyday, commening on people's posts, and putting your creative work out there more. Feel free to contact me at danilopena@utexas.edu! Publié le 30/06/19
June 30, 2019