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This is a tough one. When issuing a new cryptocurrency you need to make sure that firstly you have an idea that is marketable and there is a use-case for your cryptocurrency. I ran into far to many crypto’s that had no purpose except to raise money which is not what blockchain is for. What are you trying to do and how does your crypto (assuming you’ll piggyback off of ETH be blockchain) benefit people/companies? Publié le 27/06/19
June 27, 2019
Hello Pascal. Thank you for your response. Yes we have a viable project that legitimately uses Blockchain technology to solve the problem we're addressing in the Entertainment Talent Employment space. We haven't decided on the blockchain platform we're going to use yet, but the project helps Independent artists with a more efficient way to find gigs and for clients to have a better way of finding talent to perform for their events. Of course, I can't share the details here but that's the basic idea. Publié le 05/07/19
July 5, 2019