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We need bulk orders local or international just don’t know how to locate them

Carla, have you tried contacting the local SBA office to assist? Are you already purchasing specific items to resell? If so, contact the manufacturers of those products. Is something like this what you are looking for?: https://bulknaturaloils.com/ https://glorybee.com/ http://www.sficcorp.com/ https://dir.indiamart.com/impcat/natural-soap-base.html?biz=30 https://vermontsoap.com/business/private-label-custom-bulk-soap-bases/products/castile-liquid-soaps/ https://www.elementsbathandbody.com/Soap-Melt-and-Pour/ There are many more, but I am not sure if these are the products you are looking for. The next step would be to contact them and have a discussion about bulk purchasing, shipping and payment terms, etc. Best of luck! Publié le 13/07/19
July 13, 2019
Hello Gary, And thank you for your response!! I’ll be sure to check them all out momentarily. Our soaps are hand made and the melt and pour so base is needed for production. I have been ordering 25lb blocks of base from BrambleBerry.com they have free shipping. Publié le 13/07/19
July 13, 2019